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From the remote villages of Morocco and the sands of the western Sahara, to the rich green forests of the Ardennes, across the Pyrenees and through valleys of the Dordogne, the truck always brings a smile and a wave wherever he travels, uniting people in an unspoken language - that of adventure.


The truck, nicknamed "Tanifa", was once just a dream for New Zealander Dale Fry, it began with a model MAN military truck kit and some cardboard and grew into the 17-ton monster that he is today.
Now, wherever the truck travels, he attracts attention; inspiring people and making the dreams of his owner a reality.


Dale has travelled in the truck across Morocco and Europe and this year will begin an epic overland journey down the whole of the African continent.


The truck was built for exciting adventure, taking on the challenges of remote, difficult landscapes; this will be the toughest track so far - but the truck is specifically designed and equipped for extended periods of travel without re-supply.


The aim is to step in and experience for brief moments the seldom seen, untouched places and cultures of Africa - discovering what it takes to survive there.


You can browse through our photo gallery, read all about Dale and the truck's adventures, or follow our latest journey.






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